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Build Your dvr System arrow Geovision Complete 4 channel Dvr Surveillance System 60fps,
Avermedia Complete 4 channel Dvr Surveillance System 120fps,Esentia Complete 8 channel Dvr Surveillance System 240fps,

Geovision Complete 4 channel Dvr Surveillance System 60fps,

Intel P4 Duocore 2.0 GHZ 1024MB Ram, Hard Drive 80.0 gb, Dvr Burner, Windows XP home license. Geovision GV650-4, Mpeg4, H264, compression 4 video channel Dvr Card, Internet ready. All software included .

Geovision Complete 4 channel Dvr Surveillance System 60fps,
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Geovision hybrid dvr cards gv650 60 fps

complete hybrid dvr cards for security video surveillance

Esentia DVR Systems with Geovision gv600 4 channels DVR Cards at 30 FPS and with 1 audio channel .

This Dvr systems is a top of the line surveillance system, for all monitoring purpose, It will adapt to any Analog or I.P. cameras on the market, isInternet ready, You have the world leader Geovision dvr cards and software integrated into this windows based system.

Our Geovision DVR system, can handle from 4 up to 16 cameras and from 30FPS to 480 frames per second. Just choose your Recording Speed (DVR Card frames per second) and your hard drive size and we'll install and configure the system for you...all you do is plug and play. Easy as that!!

The most powerful multi-camera DVR system on the Canadian market! TheEsentia Systems Dvr P.C. combines a top-of-the-line Pentium-IV PC with the market-leading Geovision DVR card for a reliable, feature rich DVR system supporting up to 16 cameras!

Frames Per Second Captured/Displayed
FPS or Frames Per Second refers to the speed at which the camera records and plays back video. At 30fps, the live video display and playback is completely fluid just like a television show. Slower speeds mean less fluid video, resulting in "choppier" playback. For a system with a PC Card, the card controls how many FPS can be recorded at once, and these must be split evenly between the number of cameras plugged into the card.

For example, if you use a 20fps card and plug 16 cameras into it, each camera only records/plays back at 1.25fps (very choppy). If you use a 480fps card with 16 cameras, each camera gets 30fps and video playback is very smooth.

The more FPS, the more powerful the card will be, and the smoother the video will be. For best performance, we recommend selecting the system that has the highest total FPS and trying to get as close to 30fps per camera as your budget will allow.

System Details:
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home License w/ Latest Updates
  • Latest Geovision Software Available on the Market
  • 2.0GHz DuoCore Intel Pentium IVCPU
  • 1024MB RAM
  • W. D. 80 Gig HardDrives Upgradeable to multi terrabytes
  • On Board128MB Video Card
  • Asus Lead Brand with Intel 865PE Chipset Socket
  • Any Geovision DVR card ranging from GV-250-2 to GV-1480-16
  • DVD-RW for easy evidence backup
  • Optical Mouse and Desktop Keyboard are included
  • Includes all original manuals, and CDs
All Software Installed! includes all original manuals, and CDs

Just PLUG and PLAY! All Ready to go!

Built in Remote Monitoring
Motion Detection, Continuous and Scheduled Recording Modes
Display at 30 FPS
Record at 30 FPS
Full Multiplexing - Playback and Record Simultaneously
Password Protection
Keyboard and Mouse included - optional Monitor available

The Geovision DVR is a high quality PC based Digital Video Recorder and Remote Video Server. This feature packed device incorporates Live Viewing, Digital Recording at 30 Frames Per Second, Multiplexing and Internet Remote Monitoring into one powerful unit. You will never miss recording critical video footage because your VCR has run out of tape. Time and Date stamping of digital recordings allow you to efficiently search and playback specific video files. View your security cameras live via the Internet when you are away from your home, office or business. We have packaged every feature we could into this unit that you would normally find in systems that sell for thousands of dollars more. Keyboard and Mouse included-Monitor optional.
GeoVision's GV-Series is a PC based, multi-channel video surveillance system that utilizes the most advance digital video compression technologies to bring you the highest picture quality and video performance. The GV-Series product range starts from our entry level GV-250 to the flagship GV-1480. Up to 16 cameras can be connected and view live on a local monitor screen or thru TCP/IP network. Video can be recorded basing on specifiable schedules or motion detection. You can store video clips in HDD or any optical storage device by using GeoVision Backup System.
Intelligent Recording & Playback
Add-On Applications
  • Privacy Mask Protection
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Scene Change Detection
  • Pre-Recording Using HDD
  • Advanced Round-The-Clock Recording
  • Instant Playback
  • Time Merge From Different Clips
  • New Codecs: Geo H264, Geo MPEG4 ASP
  • System Idle Protection
  • Spot Monitor Controller
  • POS Live Viewer
  • Photo-ID Integration (GV-WT)
  • Hard Disk Calculator
WebCam - Remote Surveillance
Profile Management
  • 3G Mobile Phone Support (3GPP)
  • SSL Encrypt Connection Support
  • UPnP„ Support
  • Selectable GUI Skin
  • Custom Start-Up Splash Screen, Non-Active Video & Video Lost Screen
  • Customizing System Features
  • Easy Configuration Backup & Restore
  • Custom DVR Setting's Template
Advanced I/O Control
  • One-Click I/O Status Control
  • Multiple I/O Types Selection
  • Latch Trigger Feature
Compatible with high-end product: GV-1120, GV-1240, GV-1480 Combo Cards (16 channel video / audio recording and real-time display card)
  • Full screen view
  • Dual display operation for live monitoring and ViewLog playback on two monitors
  • Screen pop-ups on motion or alarm activation
  • Object counting
  • Object tracking and zooming by PTZ domes
  • Unattended and missing object detection
  • Alarm on objects passing between predefined regions
  • Digital watermark
  • Video lost detection
  • On screen video loss message
  • Video de-interlace filter
  • Higher screen resolution support of 1280 x 1024
  • E-map
  • Windows lockup
  • Image size indicator
  • Synchronized video an audio
  • Backlight compensation
  • Video auto gain controller
  • Video scaling filter
  • AVI repair utility
  • System log
  • Support 1,000 accounts for logins and passwords
  • Multi level passwords protection
  • Use Microsoft Remote Desktop to control another GV-System
  • Twin DVR
  • Embedded I/O devices control
  • Embedded PTZ control panel
  • Support dynamic IP address
  • Choice of recording at 15, 30, 60, 120, 240 and 480 fps
  • Recording trigger by round-the-clock, motion detection, alarm and schedule
  • Adjustable recording quality and frame rate for each camera
  • Pre-motion and post-motion recording
  • Supports Windows XP / Server 2003 burning software
  • 16 channels of live audio streaming and recording
Smart Search & Ease Playback
  • Object search
  • Index search
  • Object Index
  • Thumbnail browse for ease of search for specific frames within video footage
  • Export a video footage within a specified time range
  • Synchronized audio and video for both live and playback modes
  • Continues playback of set frames A to B
  • EXE format export, playable with any third-party players
  • AVI format export in multiple screens mode
  • DVD format export for Hybrid Card format files
  • Option for recycling the input-triggered events (Never recycle function)
  • Backup, save AVI and BMP functions accessible in LAN ViewLog
  • Automatic refresh of the video event list in LAN ViewLog
  • E-mail notification with attached video images on motion and alarm activation
  • E-mail or telephone notification on video lost or I/O error
  • Directs PTZ dome to a preset location on motion and alarm activation
  • SMS alerts available in Main System, Center V2 and Vital Sign Monitor
  • Alarms on objects that pass between predefined regions
Remote Monitoring Software
  • Remote View
  • IP Multicast
  • WebCam
  • Remote Playback System
  • G-View for WinCE PDA
  • I-Mode
IT Technology
  • RSA Network Security
  • Authentication Server: central control of password settings in local GV-DVRs
Central Monitoring Station (CMS)
  • Center V2
  • Vital Sign Monitor
  • Dispatch Server
  • Control Center
Integration Solution
  • Point-Of-Sale
  • Licence Plate Recognition

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