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Geovision Cards arrow Geovision GV1120-8 Combo DVR Card V8.0 GV 1120 8
Geovision GV800-16 120 fps PC DVR Capture Card V8.0 GV 800Geovision GV1240-8 Combo DVR Card V8.0 GV 1240 8

Geovision  GV1120-8 Combo DVR Card  V8.0  GV 1120 8

Geovision GV1120-8 Combo DVR Card V8.0 GV 1120 8

Price: $595.00
Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:1
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Geovision GV-1120 8 Channel Video Capture DVR Card GV1120 with version 8.2 Complete Webcam Software Suite Included 

All new combo cards have built-in TV output for connecting to regular TV or security monitor in addition to the computer monitor. Combo cards also have more audio inputs than standard cards with 1 audio input per camera, and a larger video record/display size/resolution of 720 x 480, 720 x 480 De-interlace, and 720 x 240 modes. Finally the combo cards have a full motion 30fps per camera display rate no matter what the capture/record rate.

Turn your PC into a Profesionnal UpGrade Security DVR with this amazing DVR Card and Software from Geovision.
Include's the latest Geovision Version 8.0 Surveillance Software!
This powerful software has all the features the pros require, yet it's simple enough for anyone to install and use.

It's easy to install. This card simply plugs into a PCI slot on the back of your computer. Then you can connect all of your cameras to it. Once your cameras are connected, just install the software and you are ready to record and view your cameras and protect your interest, may it be your office, house, retail store, wharehouse, restaurant, bars, choices are unlimited. Plus when you purchse your card at full retail price from us you get FREE Internet Technical Support

Choose a card that has enough video inputs to cover the maximum number of cameras you need to use. Naturally Naturraly Computer/Cameras not included in this package but we can build for you full package at prices you would not believe, please check our full complete systems package .

Our package pricing our the best in CANADA !
These prices are for the card and software and do not include the PC or cameras.

[Click Here for More Geovision Detailed Information]
This card can view and record a total of 120 fps. That means that if you are using 4  cameras, then you will record 30 images per second. If you use 16 cameras, then you record at 7.5 fps each (120 divided by 16).
This card will display the video at 480fps (30fps per camera) no matter what the record rate.

Input Type

DB15 x 2 (for Video), DB9 x 2 (for Audio)

Video Input(s)

8, 12, 16 Cams

Audio Input(s)

8, 12, 16 Channels

TV Output

RCA Connector x 1

Recording Rate

120 fps (NTSC), 100 fps (PAL)

Display Rate

480 fps (NTSC), 400 fps (PAL)

Video Resolution - NTSC/PAL

Full D1, Half D1, CIF

Compression Format

Wavelet, MPEG-4, GeoMPEG4

GV-NET/IO Card Support


GV-Hybrid DVR Card Support



195 (W) x 100 (H) mm

Installation Guide


Note: GV-1120 is currently not compatible with VIA series chipset motherboard.

System Requirements

OS Supported

Windows 2000 / Windows XP/VISTA / Windows Server 2003


Pentium 4-2.4C GHz, 800 MHz FSB (minimum)


2 x 256 MB dual DDR400 SDRAM (minimum)


80 GB or above (recommended)


ATI Radeon 9550 or above (recommended)


9.0 or above

Frames Per Second Captured/Displayed

FPS or Frames Per Second refers to the speed at which the camera records and plays back video. At 30fps, the live video display and playback is completely fluid just like a television show. Slower speeds mean less fluid video, resulting in "choppier" playback. For a system with a PC Card, the card controls how many FPS can be recorded at once, and these must be split evenly between the number of cameras plugged into the card.

For example, if you use a 20fps card and plug 16 cameras into it, each camera only records/plays back at 1.25fps (very choppy). If you use a 480fps card with 16 cameras, each camera gets 30fps and video playback is very smooth.

The more FPS, the more powerful the card will be, and the smoother the video will be. For best performance, we recommend selecting the system that has the highest total FPS and trying to get as close to 30fps per camera as your budget will allow.

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